Just out of curiosity, when was the last time that you as a leader shared with those who work alongside of you the core values of your ministry? And, when was the last time that you taught your core values to the children/students in your ministry?  Too often, we assume that those who have joined up to work with us and the children/students in our ministry know who we are and what we believe. But, in all reality, when pressed to list the core values that define who you and your ministry are, most children/students in your ministry and members of your team would fail miserably. Outside of stating that you love Jesus, it would be a bunch of “uh’s” and “duh’s”.

Let me briefly outline our DNA list that was repeatedly taught in a teaching series to our children and shared with those working in our ministry while we were children’s pastors in South Florida.

  1. DNAWe are a ministry passionately in love with Jesus.
  2. We are a ministry that whole-heartedly worships Jesus.
  3. We are a ministry that LOVES the Word.
  4. We are a ministry of passionate, hilarious givers.
  5. We are a ministry that knows and makes room for the Holy Spirit.
  6. We are a ministry that is unashamedly Pentecostal. 
  7. We are a ministry that allows for the demonstration of the Holy Spirit.

What is your DNA? For brevity’s sake, in this blog posting, I’ve just provided a list of our seven values. Want a fleshed-out teaching to share with your team or develop a series of lessons for your ministry? Simply click on the link to download the full teaching “It’s in Your Genes! The DNA of a Holy Ghost Children’s Ministry”.


Do me a favor and send me a note to give me your list of core values … [email protected].