Bonnke 2I recently attended a meeting where Reinhard Bonnke ministered. It was so, so, so powerful. In his sermon, Reinhard shared a thought that I immediately knew that I needed to share with you. After reading this sentence, I’m sure that you will want to write it in the back of your Bible, make it a screensaver for your computer, posted it on index cards around your home and office, and … well, you get the idea. Here is the statement …

“Jesus can only be what we preach Him to be.”
~Reinhard Bonnke

Isn’t this a powerful statement? If you want to see people born again, then preach Jesus as the Savior. If you desire for people to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, preach Jesus as the Baptizer. If you long for people to be healed, preach Jesus as the Healer. To build faith for deliverance, preach Jesus as the Deliverer.

Preach and teach Jesus is … and then watch Him supernaturally meet the needs.