Before I share the following two quotes, I need to provide a warning. Perhaps I should share this warning in capital letters to place a special emphasis on what I’m about to tell you. Here it is. DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING QUOTES JUST BEFORE GOING TO BED. If these words are fresh in your mind and spirit, it will seriously mess up your ability to sleep. I share this because of previous experiences. I guarantee that what you’re about to read will cause you to want to get up and start shouting. Now that you have been forewarned, read at your own risk.

mark-16-17The first quote is from D.W. Kerr, a minister instrumental in the founding years of the Assemblies of God and the primary author of the Assemblies of God’s Statement of Fundamental Truths.

“A signless gospel is a spineless gospel;
and spineless men preach a signless gospel.”
~ D.W. Kerr  “Water in the Desert”

This second quote is from R.E. McAlister, a Canadian pastor and evangelist and one of the founding members of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

“A signless gospel is a Christless gospel.”
~ R.E. McAlister “Pentecost”

Why is this shouting material? Because when I walk into a ministry opportunity, I am reminded that the norm for New Testament ministry is that “signs will follow those who believe”. (Mark 16:17) Signs are to be expected! I can know that I know that I know that I can minister with boldness and full assurance that through signs and wonders the “power of God” (Romans 1:16) will validate the preaching of the Word.

Go ahead and shout now!