Vickie and I are just days away from celebrating our 40th anniversary of being in the ministry. To us, this milestone is humongous! It’s too great of a story to keep to ourselves and so I am telling our story of God’s call and faithfulness in four segments. Click the link below to join us in our celebration.

NOTE: I recognize that there is a large percentage of this blog’s readership that connect with Billy Burns Ministries only through this weekly blog. I also know that there are a few of you that are subscribed to receive this blog AND the monthly Billy Burns Ministries newsletter. To these “doublers”, I need to apologize. In  my effort to reach everyone connected to our ministry, in this blog post and the next three celebration-related blogs, I am sharing the very same celebration news in both the blog and newsletter. I am asking these “doubler” readers to do one of two things … 1) Please tolerate these four duplicate posts. My promise to you is to never flood your email box with excessive emails. 2) You can put on your party hats and pull out your noisemakers TWICE and double up on the celebrating.

Oh … and one more thing concerning this celebration … THE BEST IS YET TO COME. The NEXT forty years of ministry will OUTDO the previous forty years!