Recently while beginning to preach a message that I titled “The Anatomy of a Miracle” taken from Acts 3:1-8, I began to read the first few words of the first verse. While doing so, I immediately felt a prompting by the Holy Spirit to stop sharing the prepared message. Now, I will admit up front that this can be quite unnerving. The prompting was to venture into an area that I don’t believe that I’ve ever placed an emphasis on before in our services. It all began with this verse.

“Now Peter and John went up together into the temple 
at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour.”
Acts 3:1

I couldn’t go any further. The words “Now Peter and John went up together into the temple” seemed to resonate in my spirit. Thankfully, I have learned over my 40+ years of ministry that the urge that I felt was the prompting of the Holy Spirit. And, when that prompting is given, I know that there is a divine purpose in what is to be said and/or done.

In my mind, “The Anatomy of a Miracle” message was going to be a Holy Spirit-empowered, life-changing message. I couldn’t wait to teach about how to see God’s miracle-working power activated in the lives of those attending the service. And yet, the Holy Spirit wanted me to spend time emphasizing that Peter and John were on their way to the temple. I knew that the message that I had prepared would have to wait for a green light in my spirit again to proceed with the message. I obeyed the Holy Spirit and shared what He prompted me to say. It was definitely a “right now” word for an individual(s). Then, I was released to move on to “The Anatomy of a Miracle”.

While laying in bed early yesterday morning, I felt that very same prompting in my spirit. I readily recognize that sharing about going to the temple (church) isn’t a message that will cause people to shout. But yet, I am convinced that there is a divine purpose in what is to be said. This subject will open up the door for God to move in and through you in a supernatural way.

I can’t wait to share this truth that I’m calling “The Insider Secrets”, but I will. So, I will pick this up with the next blog post.