It’s amazing what God can say in the wee hours of the morning. It happened again yesterday. (I’ve often wondered if 9 AM would be just as workable.) At 4 AM, I sensed in my spirit that I was to share a directive that might be considered radical to some people. 

In a time when there is an abundance of teaching/preaching/devotional resources available through books (yes, hardback and paperback books are still being written and published), internet sites, and curriculums for whatever subject that your brain can imagine, for an undetermined period of time let me ask that you push all of these aside. Wait, that’s not the radical part. (Well, it might be for some of  you.) I believe that early yesterday morning I sensed this directive from God. Using only a Bible, a pen (yes, pens are still being mass-produced), and a notebook, we are to focus our attention solely on a subject with the simple title “Knowing Jesus”. (Did you notice that I didn’t type “Knowing About Jesus”?) To be more specific, we are to break it down and know and experience Jesus as…

  1. Jesus – the Savior
  2. Jesus – the Healer
  3. Jesus – the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit
  4. Jesus – the Soon Coming King

Let me share a four-point course of action. In reading through the four gospels and the book of Acts, we are to…

  1. Hear from God. With all other voices and influences pushed aside, I can guarantee that God’s voice will be loud and clear. Simply ask God to guide you to discover or rediscover Jesus as the Savior/Healer/Baptizer in the Holy Spirit/Soon Coming King as you read His story. It’s amazing what God will reveal and say if you will seek Him.
  2. Journal. As you receive these revelations, don’t trust your memory. Journal these insights. Divide your notebook into four sections, one for each of the four Knowing Jesus subjects. When reading through a story or teaching related to one of these subjects, enter into your journal the scripture reference and what God is revealing to you. Remember, no insight is too big or too small. 
  3. Don’t Microwave, Instead Crock-Pot. When you find a story or teaching, don’t rush through or “nuke” the passage. Seriously, you aren’t in a hurry. Reading one portion of scripture might take an hour or even a day or more. Allow the Holy Spirit to amplify in your spirit each and every life-changing nugget.
  4. Personalize. Once journaled, you aren’t finished with this God-breathed insight. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to make each truth walkable, livable in your daily life. 

Two final thoughts…

  1. The Real Factor #1. Once the Savior/Healer/Baptizer in the Holy Spirit/Soon Coming King Jesus becomes real to you, He will become real through you. Expect to see people born-again, miraculously healed, gloriously baptized in the Holy Spirit, and prepared and longing for the imminent return of Christ. This is made possible because “Jesus the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)
  2. The Real Factor #2. Once the Savior/Healer/Baptizer in the Holy Spirit/Soon Coming King Jesus becomes real to you, don’t keep this to yourself. Share it in your sermons, Sunday school classes, children’s/youth ministries, and family devotions. 

And your thoughts about this directive are? Email me and share some of your real factor insights. [email protected]