If you’re looking for something to read that is lengthy, you will want to skip this post. This is definitely a few-words-are-needed teaching.

Consider Jesus’ words about the gift of the Holy Spirit.

“If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children;
how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit
to them that ask Him?” Luke 11:13

Here are six insights that Jesus packed into His thirty words.

  1. God is the ULTIMATE gift giver. (God knows how to give gifts.)
  2. God LOVES to give His gift. (He is in the “how much more” business.)
  3. God’s gift is BEYOND good. (The recipient will never be disappointed with His gift.)
  4. The Holy Spirit is a gift from the FATHER. (There is no question about the origin of this gift. The “from” on the gift reads “Your Heavenly Father” and the “to” reads “your name”.)
  5. The gift of the Holy Spirit is EXCLUSIVELY for God’s children. (“Your heavenly Father” shows the relationship needed to receive this gift.)
  6. The gift is given to God’s children that ASK. (It’s simple. No ask, no receive.)

Simple? Yes. Powerful? Very. Needed as a personal reminder? Most definitely. Should be preached/taught on a regular basis to our children/youth/congregations? The answer is obvious. What are you waiting for? Do it!