For those struggling with questions about the necessity of being baptized in the Holy Spirit, it’s me, Dr. Simple, checking in with what I call “simple on steroids”. Simple? It really is. The answers to people’s questions are found in this one verse. 

“But Peter, standing up with the eleven, lifted up his voice, and said unto them…”
Acts 2:14

Being baptized in the Holy Spirit will…
* Change your coward factor. I have a friend named Jim Wideman who many years ago wrote “The Holy Ghost Will Take the Chicken Out of You”, a song that was to become a classic song for those in children’s ministry. The words of the chorus are “The Holy Ghost will take the chicken out of you, the Holy Ghost will take the chicken out of you. You can beat up the devil, make him black and blue when the Holy Ghost takes the chicken out of you.” The very fact that Peter was standing on the Day of Pentecost with the eleven other apostles outside of the upper room is nothing short of a miracle. He was standing – not sitting, not hiding. Standing! This is the very same Peter who just days before was afraid to be identified as a Christ-follower. And, his denial wasn’t a one-time thing. But, being filled with the Holy Spirit gave him the power (Acts 1:8) to rid himself of his coward factor. With the chicken gone, Peter now could stand before a multitude of people and declare that Jesus is the Son of God.  
* Change your voice level. The mealy-mouth, under-your-breath mumbling was transformed into a voice of authority and boldness. The Voice Bible renders the verse this way… “As the twelve stood together, Peter shouted to the crowd…” Don’t think for a minute that this boldness was a Peter-only Holy Spirit gift. If you will take a few minutes to do some research in the scriptures, you will find Spirit-baptized believers over and over again lifting their voices to cause Satan and his imps to have a panic attack. 
* Change your dynamics. If you will take the time to read the remainder of Acts 2, you will discover that Peter with the enablement of the Holy Spirit preached a message that brought some 3,000 people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Did you get that? 3,000! Remember, Peter wasn’t a studied, educated theologian. To some, it would be just the opposite. Later in Acts, we read that some people accused him of being ignorant and unlearned. What a difference being baptized in the Holy Spirit makes. In reading his message, it is so evident that being baptized in the Holy Spirit is a dynamics changer! It wasn’t Peter the fisherman speaking. No, a million times no. It was Peter the Holy Spirit baptized, equipped, and empowered believer speaking. 

I told you that this is simple. What a humongous difference the Holy Spirit can make in your life! If you want this difference, it’s just a matter of asking the Father. (Luke 11:13). Simply pray, “Father, I am your child. You said that this gift is mine for the asking. So, please fill me with your precious Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name, I ask. Amen.” In asking, you know that He has heard you and answered your prayer. Now, open up your mouth and use your voice as you allow the evidence of this infilling to be seen and heard. (Acts 2:1-4,33).