You would think that after writing almost 800 weekly blog posts in the last 15+ years, I would have run out of ideas on what to share. I am surprising myself in writing this post. I don’t think that I have ever done this before. I want to share the notes I have entered over the years in the margins of my ESV Bible, The Single Column Journaling Bible. This might be the most boring post that you have ever read or it might provide fresh insights through the revelation that I’ve received as I’ve read and reread and rereread Acts 10. The notes are concise considering I have a 1 1/2 inch column to use to journal. 

10:1 Cornelius and his house were the first Gentiles to hear the Gospel.
10:4 God knows our actions.
10:14-15 God wasn’t moved by Peter’s religious traditions or “denominational” practices.
10:16 How important was this outpouring of God’s Spirit upon the Gentiles? He repeated His instructions to Peter three times.
10:19-22 The Holy Spirit is – Specific (Three men are coming), Direct (Go with them doubting nothing), Accurate (Everything happened as foretold).
10:25-26 Peter was human and not deity.
10:28-29 The Holy Spirit will prepare you for what God has prepared for you.
10:33 Desirous.
10:34 (MSG) “… nothing could be plainer. God plays no favorites!” (NCV) “…to God every person is the same.”
10:38 Anointed – Luke 4:18-19.
10:38 The Holy Spirit and power come hand in hand. (MSG) “…anointed, by God with the Holy Spirit, ready for action…”
10:38 Power – dunamis (AMP) “…with great power…”
10:44 A Holy Spirit suddenly. The Holy Spirit fell upon ALL!
10:45 The Holy Spirit is the boundary breaker of heaven. 
10:45 (MSG) “…couldn’t believe it…” (JORDAN) “were taken by surprise…”
10:46 There was no question about what had happened. They heard them speak in tongues. 
10:46 Once they were baptized in the Holy Spirit, they entered into a new realm of worship.
10:47 Same Holy Spirit, same evidence, same baptism.

Please, tolerate me. I just can’t stop. Let me add the follow-up story notes from Acts 11.

11:2 A fresh, new move of God often meets with objection and rejection.
11:12 The Holy Spirit is a liberator “making no distinction”.
11:12 The Holy Spirit is a talker.
11:15 Same Holy Spirit, same evidence, same baptism.
11:15 (MSG) “So I started in, talking. Before I’d spoken half a dozen sentences…”
11:15 The Holy Spirit is ready.
11:16 (JORDAN) “…you all will be dipped in Holy Spirit”
11:17 We can stand in God’s way and block His plans.
11:21 (AMPC) “And the presence of the Lord…”
11:21 Growth.
11:24 Barnabas – full of the Holy Spirit.
11:26 Antioch – For the first time, believers were called Christians. 

Did these notes bless you? If so, send me a note and tell me about the insight(s) that blessed you. [email protected]