From the useless, trivial information about Billy Burns File – I love music. To me, the only thing better than listening to music is listening to more music. Whether I am driving, mowing, walking, eating, doing a whole lot of nothing, or doing a little bit of everything, listening to music is a MUST.  Again, I LOVE MUSIC!

To feed this intense love for music, over the years I have acquired the tools necessary to be able to listen to music at any time and any place. For example, to add extra value to my shower time, several years ago I purchased a mini waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Believe me when I share that there is nothing more enjoyable than being in a piping hot shower and hearing and singing along with the likes of the Happy Goodmans singing “I Wouldn’t Take Nothin’ for My Journey Now”, Andrae Crouch singing My Tribute“, or Nancy Harmon singing “Blood Bought Church“. It is heaven on earth!

As great as this is, occasionally I will experience a glitch in the shower speaker playing the music. Without exception, I know that the fault isn’t on the sending end of the music but rather on the receiving end. Thankfully, the problem is easy to fix. With a slight adjustment to the position of the shower speaker, something like a slight turn or a little scooch (that’s Texanese talk for moving a short distance), a zip-bang-boom and the mini speaker and I are belting out the “I started out traveling for the Lord many years ago…” lyrics.

How does this apply to your healing? From God’s Word, I can confidently tell you that if there is an issue with the healing of your body, the problem isn’t in the sending. The “…by whose stripes ye were healed” (1 Peter 2:24) makes this evident. In the understanding of God, for you, healing is a past tense status. The “were” tells us that it is done…finished…complete. Nothing more needs to happen on the part of the Sender. So, the issue must be on our end.

Thankfully, like the issue with the shower speaker (the receiver), the issue is fixable. All that is needed is a slight change. It might be a move to focus 100% on what God says about the illness or aches instead of what your feelings are dictating. It might be a scooch in the words that you are saying about this attack of the devil. It could be an adjustment in your stance as you unwaveringly stand upon His Word. Simple. Doable. Obtainable.

Need I explain more? Go ahead and do the scooch. Soon you will be singing your tribute along with Andrae to the Great Physician! To God be the glory.