In this post, I want to share something that I don’t believe I have shared in the 17 years of writing this blog. In this three-minute read, I want to take you to a behind-the-scenes perspective of our ministry.

On numerous occasions, Vickie and I have been told by pastors that our ministry is “plowing on hard soil”. In saying this, these leaders recognize that our Holy Spirit Rallies about the present-day work of the Holy Spirit are being shared with people in the congregations who are like those in Acts 19 who told Paul, “We didn’t know there is a Holy Spirit”. Secondly, these ministers recognize that our Holy Spirit Rallies are proclaiming a message that contradicts denominational tradition. Many hearing our ministry are surprised to learn that the Holy Spirit and His gifts are still for us today. So, it’s easy to see what these pastors are describing when they talk about our ministry plowing hard soil.

Is this hard soil common? Yes. Sadly, many Jesus-loving believers in today’s churches haven’t experienced the benefits of a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. I recently heard of a large Pentecostal church that couldn’t find six individuals within their congregation who could meet their constitution and bylaws requirement of being Spirit-baptized to serve on the church lay deacon board.

Fortunately, I recognize that this hard soil isn’t my challenge. It’s not by my ability to communicate or my sense of humor or personality but rather by the work of the “Specialist” that will till the hard soil. It has to be a “not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of host.” (Zechariah 4:6)

I’ve shared this behind-the-scene information so that you can appreciate the work of the Holy Spirit in our rallies.  I am constantly amazed as I watch Him powerfully deal with the strong walls of personal resistance that can come from the “I’ve never heard” as well as the “this isn’t the way I was taught” individuals. To talk Texan, He is mighty good at what He does!

One last thing. I know that you too love to see believers receive the promise of the Father. Vickie and I would love to work together with the Holy Spirit in your local church. Reach out to us by clicking on this link – EMAIL BILLY.