The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

18 Sep Explanation Is Needed

Some time ago, I had a pastor call and tell me of another church whose pastor had to explain to the congregation about a demonstration of the Holy Spirit's presence in the Sunday morning service. The pastor calling me thought that it was strange and unnecessary to explain about the workings of the Holy Spirit to a Spirit-filled congregation. Little did this pastor expect that I would side with the need for taking time in the service to explain what had transpired. Here is what I told this pastor. Explanation is always needed ...

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28 Aug The Holy Ghost Lottery?

When Vickie and I lived in South Florida, I would see each day on my way to and from the church a large billboard that advertised the Florida lottery and its possible payout. At times, that payout would be in the tens of millions of dollars and others times in the hundreds of millions of dollars. To many Floridians, this was quite tempting, so tempting that thousands and thousands of people each week spent their hard-earned money for what might equal a one chance in 150 million of walking away with the lottery prize. Think about this ...

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