Walk of the Spirit

19 Jun Heaven’s Prayer Elevator Operator

The Holy Spirit constantly finds a way to amaze me. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit when I was just 10-years-old in a Royal Rangers meeting and here it is ** years later (I'll leave it to your imagination just how old that I am) and He is still revealing things about His personality and desires that I have never seen before. For example, early this morning I was awakened with Him talking to me and giving me an illustration that made me all the more thankful that I have a relationship with Him. Here is what He showed me. One of the Holy Spirit's many assignments and unofficial titles is the Prayer Elevator Operator. In His speaking to me, He showed me that there are different levels (floors) of prayer. For example, we start on the Ground Floor, also known as the Perfunctory Prayer Floor. You know what I'm talking about. This type of prayer is when you mindlessly rattle off a bunch of religious words that you feel obligated to say ...

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29 May The Parakletos

Let me pass along a challenge for you to pursue in the next few days. Using the Bible translations that you might have in your library and/or the vast information available through the internet’s Google, deepen your relationship with the Holy Spirit by studying the word that Jesus used in John 14 – 16 to introduce the Holy Spirit to His disciples, the word "Parakletos". The early translators of the Bible (Wycliffe, Luther, KJV) chose to translate the original Greek word "Parakletos" into our word "Comforter" and had valid reasons for their choice. It's really quite an interesting study. Unfortunately, because of the ever changing evolution of words, their word choice has caused today's readers to miss out on so, so much of who the Holy Spirit is and what He has been sent to do. In reading through the various translations, you will find that many translators have replaced "Comforter" with words like "Friend" (The Message), "Someone to stand by you" (J.B. Phillips translation), and "Helper" (Moffatt Translation). In my reading and studying my translations, I have found twelve different words. (Be sure to check out the Amplified Bible’s translation.) How could there be twelve (or more) different words? The enormity of the Holy Spirit and His Father's assignment makes it impossible to pack the entire meaning of the Greek word "Parakletos" into one single English word. It is like trying to squeeze a size 38 inch waist into a size 32 pair of jeans. One single word can’t capture all that Jesus was saying to His disciples about the Holy Spirit. Each and every one of these translations is needed because they shed a different light of understanding about the Holy Spirit. Here is the reason for this challenge. A greater revelation of who He is will bring about a greater depth in your relationship with Him which will then create a greater dependence upon Him. The greater the dependence, the greater the demonstrations of His presence and power. Can you see how important this is? This will be a GREAT investment of your time. Do it … you’ll thank me for this suggestion!...

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22 May The “Formula” for Maximized Ministry

In a day where the church is driven by formulas, let me share a can't miss "formula" for filling a church to capacity, seeing altars lined with penitent sinners, having walls covered with no-longer-needed braces and wheelchairs, experiencing unprecedented worship where the people are passionate participators and not unengaged spectators, and inviting glorious demonstrations of the Holy Spirit's presence as seen throughout the Book of Acts. I'm taking this Book of Acts "formula" from a book that is a classic Christ the Healer written by a man that was mightily used of God in the area of miraculous healings, F.F. Bosworth. "A Spirit-filled and praying Church produces an atmosphere in which it is easy for God to work and hard for the devil to interfere; because this atmosphere is the Holy Spirit Himself, who is more than a match for the devil." ~ F.F. Bosworth Let me show you a Book of Acts example of this "formula" being put into practice. In Acts 16, Luke writes of a "service" where Spirit-filled men (Paul and Silas) filled their church auditorium (prison cell) with prayer and praise. What were the Book of Acts results? God miraculously demonstrated His presence, captives were set free, and many were saved and water baptized. That's my kind of church service. The results are guaranteed. Without reservation, I can promise that following the Book of Acts "formula" will bring about Book of Acts results. Get ready for a shaking that will impact all of those in your ministry (be it a Sunday school class, children's church/youth service, or adult worship) who will then change a generation that will change a city, state, nation, and world. The Holy Spirit is ready. Are you?...

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