19 Dec Merry Christmas from Billy Burns Ministries!

Vickie and I pray that in this Christmas season and the upcoming new year that your life will be filled with His presence and the great joy that only He can bring! In 2017, we know that the God of the supernatural has powerful, miraculous plans in store for those who will work together with His Spirit. We believe that you are one of those individuals. So, get ready, get ready, get ready! Let me introduce the Burns family … On the far left is our youngest son Aaron with his wife Kaity by his side. To the right of Kaity is our oldest son Jason with his wife Elisabeth. In front of Elisabeth is their 9-year-old son Joey and his 6-year-old brother Gavin. Jason is holding their 2-year-old daughter Ella (our only granddaughter ...

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08 Aug Party, Party, Party!!!

August is party time around the Burns household. First, this month Vickie and I are celebrating 39 years of marriage. Many of this blog's readers have met Vickie at one of our Ignite the Supernatural Conferences or Ignite & Unite Conferences and know that when I say that she is the most beautiful, sweet, loving, caring, Jesus-loving (should I continue?) ladies in the whole world, that I am not bragging ...

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13 Jul Celebrate With Us!

Two years ago today, July 13, 2014, Vickie and I stepped out by faith to obey the call of God to be a part of launching a move of God's Spirit across our land and around the world. It was our final day of being the children's pastors at Trinity Church International. It was a blessed 25 years there. Today on this anniversary, we celebrate God's faithfulness. To quote our dear friend Pat Holland, "You didn't step out on thin air. You stepped out on a promise." And, God has demonstrated this over and over again. So, together, two years after this monumental launch, Vickie and I continue to stand alongside you and say "TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost". Let's celebrate! ‪...

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