Any student of revival has studied the great Azusa Street Revival that was led by William J. (“Daddy”) Seymour, a black one-eyed preacher. Seymour “had the funniest vocabulary,” records John G. Lake, “but there were doctors, lawyers, and professors listening to the marvelous things coming from his lips. It was not what he said in words; it was what he said from his spirit to my heart that showed me he more of God in his life than any man I had ever met up with up to that time. It was God in him who was attracting people.” (John G. Lake, Adventures in God, pp. 18-19).

Thank God for our teaching techniques, props, and training. But, it might be wise to see if we are missing the most important ministry ingredient, the God in us. May our prayer be that He will overshadow our strengths and weaknesses, our tools and props, our dynamic personality and charisma. May only His voice be heard, His presence felt. That my friend is true revival.