It is unbelievable how this blog is spreading around the globe. Since its inception, this blog has been read in 23 states in the United States and in 16 nations with many of the readers reading the blog every week. I am literally touching lives around the world while sitting in my office in Lake Worth, Florida. That’s the upside of the blog.

There is a downside to writing this blog, two areas that I struggle with each week. The first is that I would love to literally be with you and share this passion face-to-face. What I write each week isn’t an afterthought. I am consumed with the desire to help ignite a fire of the Holy Spirit in children’s ministries, to fan the flames of revival, to enable you to fulfill your God-given passions, and finally see children fulfill Joel’s prophesy and become a Holy Spirit-empowered mighty army. Looking into a computer screen is a far cry from being able to look into your eyes and see the flames of the fire rise higher and higher in you.

The second struggle is that there is so much to share. Trying to keep the blog to 350 words is so difficult. I constantly wrestle with not turning a powerful point into a full-length article. I battle with wanting to write three and four blogs at one time. In writing this blog, I wrestled with the thoughts of whether to share a strong verse from Job or a reminder from Zechariah or God’s prompting for 2008 being the “year of the radical.” At times, containing this overflow is almost more than I can handle!

I know that this week’s blog isn’t typical. I haven’t shared a teaching thought. Today I’ve shared my innermost passion, what makes me tick. I am consumed with seeing this fire burn within you and your children because TODAY is the day of the Holy Spirit!

I’ve failed again. The count is way above the desired 350 words. I need a support group. I am consumed with this assignment. There might be someone reading this blog that can help with this “problem.” Allow me to come to your church and area, pour out my heart, look fellow igniters in the eyes and fan their flames. Allow me to help ignite this fire with your team and other churches in your area. Contact me for more information.

Do me two favors. First, connect me with others who are consumed with seeing a Holy Ghost revival in children’s ministry. Help me spread this fire as you tell others about the blog. Secondly, connect with me by sending a note telling me that you are with me and what this blog is doing for you. I want to help you. I’m only an email away – [email protected].