It is amazing. During the last few years, the American clothing industry has secretly created a way to make billions of dollars by altering the way that they measure our clothes. Let it be known throughout the land, they are making their clothes smaller and smaller. The medium isn’t as medium as it used to be, the large isn’t as large as it used to be, and so on. And, to make things worse, according to reputable supermarket tabloids, the global warming issue that is troubling everyone is not only affecting the polar ice caps, it is having a drastic effect upon the clothes hanging in our closets. This problem that Al Gore so eloquently addressed has invaded my clothes closet and is warping the fibers in the shirts and slacks making the clothes shrink. Combine the clothing industry conspiracy and the global warming fabric debacle and you will understand why I now have a closet full of clothes that no longer fit! It is getting more and more difficult to crowd all of me into such a limited area.

The reason for this blog isn’t to promote the Jenny Craig weight loss program. I’ve just described the Holy Spirit’s feelings. In our lives and ministries, His allocated space is becoming smaller and more restricted. We are too busy in our personal lives for His interaction. The ministry formulas are creating less and less room for Him. The One whom Jesus told of in John 14, the Comforter or Parakletos, is looking for the opportunity to fulfill His assignment. He longs to walk alongside us 24/7, talking, counseling, guiding, helping, comforting, teaching, … need I say more? He wants to be a part of every area of our lives. And yet, if the truth be known, He is squeezed into such a tiny portion of our lives.

seamsLet’s call the alterations store and let out the seams. Let’s make room for the Holy Spirit. Let’s begin to recognize that He is literally walking alongside of us. Let’s recognize that He is the invited guest in our ministry. If necessary, pull out the scissors and cut away the threads that have restricted the “fullness” of the Spirit from being seen.

This isn’t difficult or painful. I know from experience. When the seams are removed or let out, you will breathe a whole lot easier. Come on, let’s breathe again. Let’s make room for the Holy Spirit!