There is a common denominator among those who read the weekly blog, purchase my teaching CDs, and attend our Ignite Conferences. They all want to be mightily used by the Holy Spirit. They all want to flow in His gifts and power, right?

If we all want to flow with the Holy Spirit and we know that the Holy Spirit wants to flow through us, then why aren’t we seeing this in a greater degree? To quote one of my friends, “What’s the deal?”

I am convinced that the public demonstration of the Holy Spirit has a precursor … the intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit in private. Quite simply, public demonstrations and manifestations are a direct result of and proportionally seen due to our private intimacy with the Holy Spirit. It could be summarized in this Selah thoughts … the kind that you need to allow to permeate your mind and spirit … the more intimate the relationship, the softer the voice.

For some reading this blog, the Holy Spirit would have to literally yell to get their attention. His voice is mixed in among a multitude of voices. For others, the Holy Spirit is just a whisper away. Others have gotten to the place where a voice isn’t needed at all. They know that they know His leadings and promptings.

What is the difference? Let me give that Selah thought one more time … the more intimate the relationship, the softer the voice. Here’s the secret … as you and the one of your passion birth and nurture an intimate relationship, you can become so attuned to each other that a mere look can convey the secrets of each other’s heart. While others will be oblivious, you will be able to know what the other is thinking.

Here is the reason for this blog entry. The Holy Spirit longs to move publicly in your classes and services. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it! Here is where we often miss it … intimacy is never developed in the crowds. Intimacy is birthed and nurtured in the secret places, the place where only you and the one of your passion can go. Matthew 6:6 shows that as we discover that secret place, the bed chamber (Greek tameion), the place reserved for only you and the one who alone can share your deepest longings and intimacies, you will learn to hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit. In this secret place, there is no need for loud booming voices. A whisper can convey the yearnings and passion of the soul.

Pull away from the crowd. Retreat to that place of intimacy that only you and the Holy Spirit can know. Fall in love with the Holy Spirit and you will find that His voice will become softer and more intimate. Then and only then will the secrets of heaven (that’s the simplest definition of what the Gifts of the Spirit are) be shared with you and through you. Selah!