For the past four weeks, I’ve been teaching our boys and girls about revival. Feel relieved, I’m not using today’s blog to reteach all four lessons. It has been an awesome four weeks. I love seeing the children go after the Reviver. Another benefit of the series is it has prepared our children for the next four lessons that I’ll teach as we look at the subject “Batteries Not Included.” Hopefully in the near future I’ll have both of these teaching series available for download at the website.

In today’s blog, I want to ask two questions that have been a big part of the revival teaching. These are two questions that I have repeatedly, tenaciously asked myself. During the last four weeks, I’ve used these questions to challenge our children to passionately pursue the Reviver.

Here are the questions:
1. If not now, then when?
2. If not here, then where?

I’ll let the questions speak for themselves. Ask yourself the questions over and over again. I pray that they will produce a resolve within you and your children for the Reviver to manifest His presence in YOUR ministry EVERY time that you meet.

Two suggestions to keep this before your eyes …
1. It might be good to create these questions to be screen savers for your computer.
2. Place the questions on index cards and post the cards on places that you’ll be visiting throughout the day (i.e., on mirrors or on your refrigerator door).