The Bible is an amazing book. No matter how many times that I read it, I constantly discover “nuggets” that I have never seen before.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading John 16:13 and a phrase jumped off the page that I’ve really never overly paid attention to. I have always emphasized the “guide you into all truth” and the “whatever He hears, He speaks” portion of the verse. On that Sunday morning, the Holy Spirit emphasized the phrase “and He will show you things to come.”

When I read those words, there came an excitement and new-found passion for the Holy Spirit. In studying this phrase, I discovered that the word “show” in the original Greek comes from a word that means a guide who shows a traveler the safest course through an unknown country.

As a person who is called to minister to children, I discovered an extra benefit of having an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. When I walk into a ministry opportunity, I am walking into uncharted territories. It may be the same children each week. The natural mind would tell me that it is the same kids/different week. The reality is that it has possibly been 168 hours since I’ve last seen these children. Some children may have walked through a literal hell during those last 7 days. Others have faced battles and obstacles that are a part of being a child. According to this verse, the Holy Spirit knows what is ahead and can prepare/warn/instruct me on how to effectively navigate through this uncharted terrain. In military terms, the Holy Spirit is to run a reconnaissance mission for me before I ever walk into my ministry assignment. He knows who will be in the class. He knows the exact need of each and every child. He knows what word/tool is needed to bring about His desired goals for that ministry opportunity.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit! Let’s allow and welcome Him to prepare us for what is ahead of us.