After reading through my 60+ blog entries you will find that 90% are my insights about revival and flowing in the supernatural, 5% tell of upcoming conferences, and 5% are pictures and updates about the Burns family.

This week, allow me to digress from my usual format and use this entry to make a suggestion. If you have not done so, purchase and read Rick Renner’s The Dynamic Duo: The Holy Spirit and You. In reading my blogs or attending our Ignite Conferences, you’ve heard me say that the Holy Spirit will never be real through you until He is real to you. Renner’s Dynamic Duo is one of the greatest resources for assisting the reader to develop an intimate, working relationship with the Holy Spirit. The book is filled with great illustrations and helpful insights from the New Testament’s original Greek language. After reading the book, I guarantee that you will write me to thank me for my recommendation. The book is available at many Christian bookstores or through our website