The website for the 2009 national Ignite the Supernatural Conference is up and running. In placing the listing of the speakers and workshop descriptions/schedules on the site, I wanted February 5 – 7, 2009 to be here right now! I am so honored to have Mark Harper, Esther Ilnisky, Pat Holland, and Grant Foster to minister alongside Vickie and me.

This conference is a gathering of dissatisfied, desperate, daring, and determined children’s ministry leaders and workers who realize that there must be more to children’s ministry than fun games and good stories. From around the globe, Holy Spirit Igniters will gather in Orlando on February 5 – 7 for an impartation and revelation that will forever change them, their ministries and children.

3 days of learning to flow together with the Holy Spirit
24 Workshops * 5 General Sessions
Senior Pastors Come Free!

Take a couple of minutes to visit the website and you will quickly agree with me when I guarantee that there is not another conference like Ignite in the nation! At you will discover a listing of the speakers, workshop titles and discriptions, costs, etc. You can even download the conference brochure and then distribute it to your children’s ministry staff. Even better, print out several copies, those for your staff and one for your senior pastor. Visit our website to see how your pastor and spouse can have free registration.

Hurry. The very best individual and group registration rates are in effect right now!