I stumbled across a quote that is so timely for those pursuing a move of God. It would be good to copy, paste, and send this on to fellow Igniters.

Robert Sample wrote in an article entitled “Effective Preaching” in The Presbyterian and Reformed Review in April 1897:

revival“The great want of today is a holier ministry. We do not need more stalwart polemics (the art or practice of arguing passionately and strongly for or against something), more mighty apologists, or preachers who compass a wider range of natural knowledge, important as these are; but men of God who bring the atmosphere of heaven with them into the pulpit and speak from the borders of another world.”

Sample’s statement sounds like it eliminates those who just picked up a curriculum or lesson plan just before entering into the classroom or found the latest, greatest trendy sermon series. And it doesn’t sound like Sample was describing those who rely just upon giftings, talents, or abilities.

If we want a great move of God, realize that this doesn’t happen by accident. Revival comes from the individual who invades heaven and brings back its atmosphere. The gates of heaven’s glory are wide open and ready for our entrance. So, put your traveling shoes on. You and I have some journeys into the heavenlies ahead of us. I’ll be one of the glory transporters. How about you?