If you’ve been to any of our Ignite Conferences, you’ve heard me talk about my passion for reading. I often state that every great leader is a great reader. My time constraints might limit me to a page or two at a time, but I do try to read each and every day.

Let me share with you some books that I have read, are reading, or are about to start reading. You might want to put these book titles on your to-do list.

I recently read Revival God’s Way by Leonard Ravenhill. This is a must read. In fact, I will be rereading it again in the near future.

I am currently reading Surviving the Anointing by Leonard Ravenhill’s son, David Ravenhill. I am having trouble putting the book down. It is subtitled Learning to Effectively Experience and Walk in God’s Power.

Books on my soon-to-read list …

1. Here Comes Heaven! A Kid’s Guide to God’s Supernatural Power by Bill Johnson & Mike Seth

2. Glory Invasion … Walking Under an Open Heaven by David Herzog

3. Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled by David Herzog

One more thing … if you have read or are reading a book that is really impacting you, please pass on the title and author to me. You can contact me [email protected].