Here’s a bit of wisdom that I gained a million, billion years ago while I was still in Bible college. Amongst the many preparatory, ministry-equipping courses, I took a class that taught the art of preparing sermons and preaching. In this homiletics class, I will never forget when a student asked our instructor, Dr. Jesse K. Moon these questions -“Dr. Moon, what is the very last thing that you do just before walking up to the pulpit to preach? Is it looking at your sermon notes one last time or is it asking God for His enablement?” With a stone-cold look on his face, Dr. Moon responded, “I check my slack’s fly to make sure that the zipper is zipped up.” To this day, I laugh every time I reflect on that class and his answer. (And, by the way, I still heed this saged bit of wisdom.)

That is a bit of wisdom that is hard to top. However, I do have my “just before” answer. The very last thing to do just before you minister/teach/share is to open your mouth to acknowledge and declare to yourself –

    (King James Version) “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to…”
    (Bible in Basic English)
    “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because I am marked out by him to…”
    (First Nations Version) “The Spirit of Creator has come to rest on me. He has chosen me to…”
    (New Life Version) “The Spirit of the Lord is on Me. He has put His hand on Me to…”
    (King James Version) “…and the power of the Lord was present to…”
    (New Testament for Everyone) “…The power of the Lord was with Jesus, enabling him to…”
    (Twentieth Century New Testament) “…and the power of the Lord was upon Jesus, so that he could…”
    (Wuest) “…and the Lord’s power was with Him for the purpose of …”

Can you see the significance of these two declarations? Indeed, the VERY SAME Spirit of God that rested upon Jesus and enabled Him to manifest God’s will is also upon you. It is irrefutable that the VERY SAME power that was present in Jesus’ ministry is also present and ready to manifest in and through you.

Let me end the post by prophesying. Having the eyes of your understanding flooded with these truths one more time before stepping up to minister WILL cause a greater boldness to arise within you. You WILL surprise yourself with your level of expectancy. Know that the “to ____” (whatever that might be) WILL happen. Oh, and one more gigantic benefit WILL occur. You confidently uttering these truths WILL cause the imps of hell to take notice and flee. Amen and amen!!!!!

One quick favor. After reading and heeding this just-before insight, please send me a short note that tells of all that God did in that service. You can reach me at [email protected].