In our three children’s church services this past weekend, my heart was filled with thankfulness as I watched our children worship God. So many of our children were passionate in their pursuit after His presence and glory. During the time of praise, excitement filled our auditorium. During the time of worship, it was so easy to see their love for Jesus. These worshippers had their hands stretched towards heaven. The passion of their hearts was open for display.

Why did this happen? As I looked around the room, I could see my staff passionate in the demonstration of their love for God. Every teenager and adult was actively involved. Every teenager and adult was strategically visible for setting the example of what God was looking for. While their worship wasn’t done for “performance” sake, it was a 2009 rendering of Paul’s “Follow me as I follow Christ”. Our children were just following the example set forth by our staff.

If your children aren’t worshipping in your services, it might be good to examine what your children are seeing. Can your children see your staff or is your staff busy in the background doing prep work for upcoming events? Do your children see passion demonstrated or do they see lifeless, unanimated, ho-hum examples? Is this something that you are excited about or is it just a 10 minute segment of your children’s church service?

Before you book a flight to be in our services, please know that every child isn’t there yet. Willie George often said that while one child can be in the Spirit, the child right beside them can in their own world doing who knows what. Every child isn’t a worshipper …. yet. Who knows next week we could be one child closer to getting to 100%!