I love reading about what God has done through children throughout church history. Why? Because if God did it once through children, He can do it again!

This week, allow me to share a story from the life of John G. Lake from a book that has long been out of print, Adventures in God. (pages 15 – 16). In reading this account, remember that if God did it once, He can do it again. Here is Lake’s story …

LakeI was sitting one day in the home of the DeValeras in Krugersdorp, South Africa, when a man arrived who had traveled all over the country. He had been following me from place to place, trying to catch up with me. He suffered a sunstroke which had affected his mind and he also had developed a large cancer.

He came into the house and proved to be a friend of the family. In a little while a six-year-old child who had been sitting near me went across the room, climbed on the man’s knees, put her hands on the cancer on his face, and prayed.

I saw the cancer wither. In half an hour, the thing had disappeared. The wound was still there, but in a few days it was healed.

After the child had laid her hands on top of his head, he arose, saying, “Oh! The fire that has been in my brain has gone out,” and his mind was normal.

Power belongeth unto God. Psalms 62: 11. The simplest soul can touch God and live in the very presence of God and in His power.

It’s me again … Did that build your faith? If God can use a little girl in South Africa, He can use each and every child in your ministry. Remember, if He did it once, He can do it again!

Note: I’ve discovered that this book is available in a pdf format at www.knihy.own.cz/ENG/J.G.Lake%20-Adventures%20in%20God.pdf