Recetalkingntly, I was on an outing with one of our ministries and had to return for Trinity’s Saturday night service. During the course of the outing, one of my staff had became and needed to return home with me. I quickly discovered during the trip that I was transporting a non-talker. Try as I may to engage him in conversation, I was answered with two or three word sentences. After a while of trying to create conversation, I gave up. Needless to say, that three hour trip was a long and most unpleasant drive.

I often wonder if this is the sentiment of the Holy Spirit. At one time, He merely came upon select people for a select job. Now, Jesus promised that the One who was with us is now abiding in us. He has been assigned to be with us 24/7/365 so that we can fulfill our God-given assignments. And yet, in most believers, if He hears any conversation at all, it is in a perfunctory prayer at the beginning of one of our services. While abiding with us and going along for the ride with us, He rarely if ever has the opportunity to engage in conversation with us.

Is our silence deafening to the Holy Spirit? Does He yearn for interaction with us? Is He jealous of our imbalance with being consumed with the things of this world and our lack of time with Him? Consider this scripture:

“Or what do you think the Scripture means when it says that the Holy Spirit,
whom God has placed within us, watches over us with tender jealousy?”
James 4:5 (The Living Bible)

Come on, let’s commune with the Spirit. Throughout the day, talk to Him … know that He is in the car with you, working on the job with you, playing golf with you … acknowledge and welcome and engage His presence … and then you and your children’s ministry will never ever be the same again!