Here is a thought that really is a no brainer … there is only one Holy Ghost. I know that we all know that truth. And yet, our theology and our actions often don’t line up. We actually act as if there are two Holy Ghosts, one Holy Ghost for the adults and the other Holy Ghost for the children. Think about it for a minute or two and you’ll come to the same conclusion.

11If there is only one Holy Ghost (and that’s a fact), then He is always the same, no matter the day, no matter the ministry opportunity, no matter the participants. He is ALWAYS the same. He only fluctuates when He is restricted or minimized.

Are we guilty in our children’s ministries of down-sizing and “kidisizing” the Holy Ghost? Are we failing to allow Him to operate in the same manner with the children as He would with the adults? Are we having a “kiddie” Holy Ghost that is only allowed to marginally move in our services?

My thought that week is to remind us all (myself included) that there is ONE Holy Ghost. He is a BIG Holy Ghost who wants to do BIG things at any given time with any given ministry opportunity with any given group of people.

I say, “Come on, Holy Ghost. Be Yourself. Feel the freedom to do what You specialize in. I won’t restrict You. I won’t minimalize You. BIG Holy Ghost do BIG things!”