Have you noticed that many of the boys and girls in our ministry have cell phones and spend an enormous amount of time either talking or texting on their phones? According to the “Too Much Texting” (page 127) article in the December 2009 issue of Good Housekeeping, texting is the new talking. The article reports that the average teen sends and receives about 2,900 texts per month according to the Nelson Company. That’s almost 100 text messages a day! This is more than six times the average of 2007.

text messageA couple of days ago, I believe that the Holy Spirit gave me this idea which uses text messaging as a tremendous way to illustrate some of the practical aspects of praying in our heavenly prayer language. Consider these similarities:
* Private … the message is directed towards and intended for one individual
* Simple … the message is easy to form
* Practical … the message can be formed and sent in a crowded auditorium or in the privacy of your bedroom
* Timely … time restraints can allow the message to be just a simple few words or a lengthy conversation
* Immediate … the message is transmitted instantaneously
* Global … distance is no deterrent to its transmittal and delivery

Isn’t this a great object lesson? If you have additional thoughts on linking text messaging to praying in our heavenly prayer language, please send them to me ….