A couple of weeks ago, I really sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to me about my assignment of raising up and equipping children’s ministry leaders who will usher in the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy. I have always known that my assignment included providing information and revelation as well as passing along an impartation of the deposit which has been entrusted to me. In this unction by the Holy Spirit, I sensed that a part of my assignment that I hadn’t really realized is the ministry of confirmation. I began to see that many leaders and volunteers feel that their passion for a move of God’s Spirit has alienated them from the “norm” of children’s ministry. While they too get excited about the bells and whistles, their utmost longing for radical, Holy Ghost children’s ministry has caused many to feel isolated from their peers. Thus, the complete assignment of Billy Burns Ministries has to provide information, revelation, impartation, and CONFIRMATION.

I have a unique position. Due to my visibility in conferences and through the distribution of our materials and writings, I have the opportunity to hear from people all over the world. It is thrilling to hear from people from other countries and backgrounds and denominations who are all expressing the same passion and urgency. There is a universal cry from leaders who are longing for a genuine, powerful move of God’s Holy Spirit among their children. They too are sensing that there must be more to children’s ministry than what they’ve been taught and seen.

This week, I want to encourage you. You aren’t alone. You aren’t weird or flaky. You are among a growing number of people who are declaring that TODAY IS THE DAY OF THE HOLY GHOST. We together are merely echoing the Father’s heart and longing to see one last great move of His precious Holy Spirit.

Don’t grow weary. Allow me to confirm the fact that you are on the right course of action! Keep developing a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Keep learning to listen to His promptings and leadings. Keep boldly daring to demonstrate that the Holy Ghost is alive and well. Keep announcing that this generation will prophesy and passionately fulfill their God-given assignments.

If you need me, I’m only an email away …. [email protected].