In reading through the Book of Acts again this week, I noticed this interesting fact that applies to all of us in the children’s ministry.

In Acts 1, the upper room was filled with so many great people, many of whom had actually walked daily with Jesus. As per Jesus’ command, they were in this place awaiting the promised Holy Spirit. In this time, the apostles decided to have a business meeting. (What else can a church leader do when there’s nothing else to do?) In Judas’ absence, the apostles knew that someone had to fill the missing position. So, what was their method for selecting this person? After praying, they rolled some dice. We all know that their lot fell upon Matthias of whom we never hear anything again.

Here is this week’s thought for those of us in leadership positions in the children’s ministry. Have you considered the fact that after being filled with the Holy Spirit, the leaders of the church never had to roll dice again? With decisions constantly being made in the formation of this new Church, never again do we read of them casting lots. Why? Because they now had Someone who could communicate with them and guide them.

How are your decisions being made? When selecting what you will teach the children, is it a matter of which curriculum looks the most user-friendly? When deciding which music to sing, is it a matter of what is fresh and new or what has the most colorful DVD presentation? When deciding how much to pack into a service, is it a matter of which games haven’t played in a while and which DVD is new and unseen? While we don’t physically roll dice in our decision making, would it be safe to say that we are mentally casting lots?

Let’s not have services whose results are as lasting as the decision to select Matthias. Let’s hear the voice of the One sent to lead and guide us. It is amazing what He might say about what happens in next week’s service. Selah!