Here’s a little known fact about Billy Burns. I am hopelessly addicted to playing word games. (If there is a support group for this addiction, I don’t want to be a part of it.) I absolutely LOVE any kind of word game. To show you my passion for this addiction, I have on my iPhone 14 different word games. I could (and do) spend as much time as possible playing these games. And, to feed this addiction, the iPhone has a Scrabble-type app called Words With Friends. Several of Trinity’s pastoral staff have this game on their iPhones and are involved in a Words With Friends tournament. Right now, I am involved in 12 different Words With Friends games and loving each and every minute of it!

There’s one thing about the Words With Friends game that makes it so appealing. It is a self-paced game. With that I mean, when your opponent makes their move, their word appears on the Words With Friends game board. Now, it is my move. Because of schedules, once I receive notice of it being my turn, I can immediately take my turn and create my decimating, intelligent word. There are times however that it might be an hour or two before I can find the time to escape to Words With Friends world and make my play. The other player has to wait until I make my move before they can make their next move.

This is true with revival in this new year. In the Word, we can easily see that God has made His move for a mighty outpouring of His Spirit in our children and children’s ministries. He has shown us His desire for our children to prophesy and powerfully inact His will in the earth. He has given us His Holy Spirit to enable His will to manifest. Throughout the Gospels, He has revealed His Spirit to us so that we can have an intimate relationship with Him. Throughout the Book of Acts and letters to the Church, God demonstrated how His Spirit operates.

Just as in Words With Friends, before God can make His next move, He will wait and wait until we make our move. Our move of desperation, our longing to do whatever it takes to facilitate the fulfillment of His promise will cause God to pour out a supernatural rain from heaven that will forever change you, your children, and your children’s ministry.

This week’s blog is your official notice (no iPhone app needed) that it is time for your move.