What is it about 2 AM? For the past week, I have been awakened at this unthinkable time of the night with a stirring and prompting to just be still (what else am I to do at 2 AM) and quiet (as though I’d have a desire to awaken Vickie and ask her to play a game of Uno). It is during these times that I’ve sensed God’s prompting to spend time with Him. It is during these times that I have heard His voice and sensed His direction in things that are needed so that I can fulfill my assignment. These promptings are somewhat unnerving. They are beyond my ability. I guess that it has to be this way so that I won’t attempt to do these alone and, true to human nature, mess up things.

What is it about 2 AM? I guess that God knows that if we won’t give Him sufficient time in the day, He will creatively find a time where there are no appointments, no phone calls to make, no distractions to pull us away 2AMfrom Him.

What is it about 2 AM? I know that the voice is His for there are no other voices speaking to me. I know that the urgency is His for at that time of the night I have no other causes longing for my attention. I know that the desire for intimacy is His for He is seeking me when He knows that He alone will have my focus.

What is it about 2 AM? It is God’s gentle reminder that I am His and He is mine and that He longs to share His heart and focus with me and in turn see my heart and focus long for Him. Thank you Lord for this “wake up call” for me to be with You.