While sitting at our Ignite the Supernatural Conference booth a couple of weeks ago in St. Louis, a children’s pastor asked me about what I can see happening in children’s ministries across our nation. I replied by saying that I can see a major shift coming. Things are happening below the surface that will affect what we will eventually see in our services.

I keep coming back to the comments that I posted on the 9/28/09 blog entry “There’s a Whole Lot of Shaking Going On” and the 10/26/09 blog entry “Holy Ghost Seismologists“. There is a definite, defined work of the Holy Spirit that it happening “under the radar” of most in leadership positions in our ministries. This unseen to the natural eye move and shift is about to have a profound affect upon our business as usual mentality.

To illustrate what I see, allow me to use the story that blanketed our headlines for several days, the devastating earthquake in Chile which took place on February 27th. Last month’s earthquake did more than kill hundreds and devastate a large swath of Chile. It also hurtled the entire city of Concepcion 10 feet to the west, according researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Santiago, the nation’s capital, was found to have moved 11 inches to the west-southwest. Using precise GPS measurements taken before and after the magnitude-8.8 earthquake, associate researchers Benjamin Brooks and James Foster discovered the dramatic shift.

Because of fellow Holy Spirit Seismologists, people who passionately long for a move of God’s Spirit in our children and children’s ministries, the Holy Spirit is working below the surface, preparing for dramatic shift that will cause monumental movement. I see this move causing entire churches to be moved and shifted, elementary and middle schools across our nation dramatically moved by this work of the Holy Spirit causing revival to break out, the spiritual GPS coordinates of entire cities moved from its present position as the Holy Spirit shakes the very foundation of people groups across that area.

Holy Spirit Seismologists, let’s continue to look into the realm of the unseen. Let’s prepare ourselves by aligning ourselves to the Spirit’s movements. While the movements in your service right now might seem to be almost insignificantly minute, it is through these weekly moves and realignments that is setting the stage for the dramatic, property moving, GPS documented event that will bring to the surface what we have been witnessing below the surface.

Get ready, get ready, get ready. I see a whole lot of shaking is about to be going on in your ministry!