I trust that you enjoy the weekly blog entries and that you are benefitting from my thoughts. In searching the web, I have found that I am one of (if not the) only person who weekly encourages those in children’s ministry to intensify their relationship with the Person of the Holy Spirit and shares insights about how to lead children into an intimate walk with the Holy Spirit. I am encouraged as I learn from Google Analytics that in any given month that people from 20 to 30 countries are reading this blog. In all honesty, some of the countries have to be Googled (is that actually a word?) to find out exactly where they are located! In just a few weeks, I will be celebrating 4 years of journaling my passion and encouraging others to become radical in their pursuit for a move of God’s Spirit in their children’s ministry. With this being my 147th entry, the passion hasn’t diminished, but rather intensified.

The reason for this blog entry isn’t to focus upon and deify Billy Burns Ministries but rather to show my heart and passion. I am consumed with helping to usher in a move of God’s Spirit in children’s ministries around the globe. My heart cries out to launch children’s ministry leaders into new realms of the Spirit because our children will never go where we’ve never been. I passionately want to unite those with the same longings.

Do you have the same passion? Will you contact me to let me know that you too are an Igniter? This is a part of my assignment … connecting fellow Igniters. I am just an email away …. [email protected].

Also, as a fellow Igniter take a couple of minutes to check out the upcoming Ignite the Supernatural Conference being held in Los Colinas (the greater the Dallas/Ft. Worth area), Texas on Thursday, September 30, through Saturday, October 2, 2010. The speakers and workshop listings/descriptions for the 21 workshops and 5 general sessions are located at http://www.igniteconference.com/. You’ll quickly see that there isn’t another conference in the world like this conference! And, you’ll also see that the cost is EXTREMELY affordable … so affordable that you’ll want to bring your entire children’s ministry team with you.

Next week, I’ll begin sharing thoughts that will eventually make its way into a new book that I am writing as I post the first of 6 Reasons Every Child Must Be Filled With the Holy Spirit.