While I LOVE writing this blog each week, I constantly combat the demon of brevity. I always strive to have the blog entry not exceed 350 words so that you can read the entry in just a couple of minutes. So, with that in mind, I’ll force myself to condense into just a few sentences what easily could fill a complete workshop (and flesh out into a six week teaching series) as I share with you Six Reasons EVERY Child Must Be Filled with the Holy Spirit. Beginning this week, I’ll share two reasons a week.

Reason #1. The Greatness of God’s Plan Demands SUPERNATURAL Insight.
No child is here by accident. God knew each child and called them by name before they were born. (Jer. 1:5; Isaiah 49:1). Each child was strategically placed here by God with a specific assignment. (Jeremiah 29:11). It is only through the Spirit of God that a child can see their assignment. As a child prays in the Holy Ghost, things that have been hidden become revealed.

Reason #2. The Greatness of God’s Plan Demands SUPERNATURAL Guidance.
Being a kid isn’t easy. With the peer pressures, the gospel according to the television and movies and internet, the insecurities of family stability, life is one gigantic puzzle. In the grand scope of life, kids don’t have a clue!!! There is a voice from heaven Who longs to give direction for we learn in reading the Word that the Holy Spirit is a talker who will provide step-by-step guidance through the tilt, tilt, tilt times of life. The Holy Spirit is on divine assignment to supply supernatural guidance in any and every area of a child’s life. He’s just one cry away for help! As a child develops an intimacy with the Holy Spirit, He will begin to whisper heaven’s secrets and give guidance. (John 16:13).