I trust that after reading last week’s blog entry that you can see the importance of this teaching. Each one of these six points could easily become a complete lesson in your children’s church or Sunday school class. Here are the next two points from the teaching Six Reasons EVERY Child Must Be Filled with the Holy Spirit.

Reason #3. The Greatness of Life’s Pressures Demands SUPERNATURAL Strength.
No one ever claimed that being a Christian kid would be easy. Children live in a real mission field and are constantly exposed to supernatural warfare. Most children daily are thrust into America’s greatest mission field – public schools. Add to that the media bombardment which is quickly attempting to erode their values and spiritual foundation. With this constant barrage, I recognize that no Christian kid purposefully yields to these temptations and messes up. Facing life’s monumental pressures, a child’s strength or will power alone just aren’t sufficient. Temptations can be all too powerful to resist. Remember that Peter didn’t purposefully deny Christ three times. Fortunately, Heaven has provided a supernatural strength on the inside that will decimate the enemy. This great strength and fortification comes from supernatural exercise. (Jude 20; 1 Cor. 14:4). A supernatural strength will arise with a child as they consistently pray in their heavenly prayer language.

Reason #4. The Greatness of God’s Plan Demands SUPERNATURAL Protection.
A boy or girl filled the Holy Spirit is Satan’s number one enemy. Satan knows that a Spirit-filled child has the capability to annihilate and obliterate his plans. Satan knows that the Spirit of God can rise up within a child to destroy present-day Goliaths. There are potential Davids sitting in our classes that are destined to destroy strongholds and set free intimidated, captive peers. In knowing this, Satan will set forth traps, often innocent-looking itsy-bitsy traps at first, knowing that one fall will lead to the next fall and then the next fall and the next fall until the end result is accomplished, defeat and destruction. But when allowed, the Spirit of God who sees and knows all things will shout warning messages protecting the child from the hands of the devourer. (John 16:13).