Posting these three Six Reasons EVERY Child Must Be Filled with the Holy Spirit blog entries has stirred me. I wish that I could literally travel to each and every church represented by those reading these postings and share this passion with your leaders. But, fortunately, you can do this for me. After meditating on these thoughts and allowing them to expand in your spirit, take these three postings and share it with your staff. I pray that these thoughts will help ignite a supernatural move of God that will shake the very foundations of your ministry, church, and the surrounding areas!!!

Reason #5. The Greatness of God’s Plan Demands SUPERNATURAL Boldness.

Some things just don’t change. When God began to speak to Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1 and unfold heaven’s assignment for Jeremiah, Jeremiah immediately began to act like today’s boys and girls. Jeremiah was just a child and used that excuse to try to escape God’s directive. God’s response to Jeremiah is still God’s response to today’s child! (Jer. 1:7-8) According to Jeremiah 1:7-8, a child’s confidence can be found in the fact that when they go where God tells them and say what God tells them to say, they can be bold and confident that they can accomplish what God assigns them to do! How is this possible? Jesus spoke in Acts 1:8 of a power that will arise on the inside of each boy and girl. Remember that there is no BIG Holy Ghost for adults and a LITTLE Holy Ghost for children. The same Holy Ghost who turned a weak, anemic Peter into a powerhouse that could preach to the thousands in Acts 2 is the same Holy Ghost who will give a child the boldness to do great things for God!

Reason #6. The Greatness of God’s Plan Demands SUPERNATURAL Freedom.

This must be the generation of no restraints. There are traditions of man that have restricted boys and girls. Religious spirits have held them back with such uninformed (I wanted to use a stronger word) thoughts of “They are just kids” or “What do they know?” or “What can they do with their limitations?” This must be the generation who will go where no man has gone in the realm of the Spirit, to soar into the heavenlies like an eagle. We must recognize that there are places in the Spirit where no child has gone, sites in the heavenlies that have yet to be seen by boys and girls, places of worship that few children have visited, depths of intercession that few have explored, arenas of faith that that few have fought and conquered. This can only be accomplished through learning the freedom that comes with being sensitive and obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

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