What a weekend. We had three great services as we ministered on the subject “The Holy Spirit – My BFF”. We used John 14:16 showing where Jesus introduces His followers to a Person that would FOREVER be a Friend and Helper.

The kids really connected with this concept. Every boy and girl can relate to the idea of having a Best Friend Forever. Most every child can also identify with the hurt of having a friend who for whatever reason abandoned them. According to Jesus, this heavenly BFF is the real deal. The Holy Spirit would be with them FOREVER … when things were good and even when they were bad.

Who is this Friend that Jesus introduces? Jesus wasn’t introducing Someone that He met down at McDonald’s the week before. The Friend wasn’t a friend of a friend. Jesus was telling of and recommending to His followers Someone that He had known before time was time. Not only did Jesus know the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit had worked with Jesus and God in Creation. Jesus was confident about this Friend because it was this Friend that enabled Jesus to perform His earthly ministry. (Luke 4:18-19; Acts 10:38).

We concluded our time of ministry by my telling a story of how my BFF just this past week showed Himself to be a Friend and Helper. It was a simple story, one that every child could relate to. In this story, I told of my calling upon my Helper to locate something for which I had searched for two days. Within 30 seconds of asking the help of the BFF that is assigned to be with me 24/7/365 (He gets no time off or takes any vacations), I sensed a direction to look in a place that made no sense. But, my BFF knew what He was talking about. I listened and obeyed and found the lost item just where He had told me to look. Upon the conclusion of the story, I invited the children to ask the Holy Spirit to become their BFF.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit. He is more than just the third Person of the Trinity. The blessed Holy Spirit is a Person awaiting the opportunity to walk off of the pages of the Scriptures and become One who is our BFF!