One of my all-time favorite television shows is MacGyver. For seven seasons (1985 – 1992), I loved watching Angus MacGyver escape the traps set by his enemies and possible death by using his ever-present Swiss Army knife. No matter the situation, the Swiss Army knife had just what was needed to deliver MacGyver out of the grip of bad guys. Am I the only one that can remember knifethis hero?

Recently when teaching the two-week lesson series on The Holy Spirit – My BFF (Best Friend Forever), the Holy Spirit gave me the illustration of comparing the Holy Spirit to a Swiss Army knife. What an awesome idea! Almost every boy has either seen or owned or dreamed of owning a Swiss Army knife. Beside having one or two knife blades, the Swiss Army knife has a wide range of tools including various screwdrivers (phillips/flathead), scissors, saw, file, hook, tweezers, bottle opener, can opener, and pliers. I was surprised to see that the knife even includes a toothpick. Whatever the situation, whatever the need, the Swiss Army knife has just the right tool to help.

Let’s go back and use MacGyver for this illustration. Wouldn’t it have been a tragedy for MacGyver to fall into a trap of an enemy of the United States government, and with MacGyver’s full knowledge that he had the knife with him and its capability of coming to his rescue, MacGyver would choose to ignore using the knife? That would be a ridiculous idea, wouldn’t it! Why struggle when the answer to your problem is there with you. All that is needed is for MacGyver to take advantage of the tool inside of the knife, right?

Sadly, we as Christians fail to call upon our heavenly Swiss Army knife. Do you remember that Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would abide with us forever? (John 14:16). Do you remember reading in John 14-16 about the Holy Spirit’s assignment? We learn more about the Holy Spirit’s assignment in 1 Corinthians 12-14. The Holy Spirit who has been assigned to be with us FOREVER and has EVERYTHING that we need for ANY and EVERY situation is just waiting on us to call upon Him for His assistance.

Let’s remember that the Holy Spirit is with us 24/7/365 and is awaiting the opportunity to work alongside us. He is equipped and ready for there is no problem too big or too small for Him. Come on you spiritual MacGyvers. With the help of the Holy Spirit, let’s spoil the plans of our spiritual enemy!!!