While this entry this week isn’t lengthy, it is something that God is stirring within me. It is a reflection of the challenge that God has given, one needed to help usher in this promised move of God’s Spirit. The thought is taken from Brother Kenneth E. Hagin’s mini-book Why Tongues. This quote is from the bottom of page 9 and the top of page 10.

“I have found in my own life that the more that I pray and worship God in tongues, the more manifestation of other gifts of the Spirit I have. The less I talk in tongues, the less manifestations I have. Speaking in other tongues is the door into the rest of the spiritual gifts.”

Does this stir your heart? I really don’t need to amplify or expound upon what Brother Hagin has written. No wonder the apostle Paul wrote, “I thank my God that I speak in tongues more than you all.” Selah.