Often in Pentecostal/Charismatic circles, people relegate the definition of the word “supernatural” to people coming out of a wheelchair or blind eyes opening or cancer disappearing from a ravaged body. While I can’t argue that these miracles are supernatural, the word “supernatural” encompasses far more than the spectacular. In fact, if the definition is understood to mean the genuine, unrestricted working of the Holy Spirit you will find that there is ample room for supernatural ministry each time that you walk into a ministry setting!

Consider this fact … 99% of the children walking into your weekend class or service or your mid-week Bible club won’t need a deaf ear opened or herniated disk healed. You’ll find few children needing ministry that would be the cover story for Charisma magazine or the lead story for the 700 Club on CBN. So, is there room for supernatural ministry in a children’s class or service? You betcha’!

When a child walks into your classroom and you stop what you are doing and begin to give special attention to the child, that my friend is supernatural. When you look into the eyes of a child that possibly hasn’t had any attention from an emotionally tired, physically exhausted parent and with genuiness and warmth tell the child how beautiful/handsome they are, that my friend is supernatural. When you get down on your knees to be able to hug a child or hold a little baby in your arms and kiss them on the forehead or you tell a child how blessed that you are that God has allowed you to be their teacher/leader/children’s pastor, that my friend is supernatural. In fact, it is equal to any person leaping out of a wheelchair or being able to speak for the first time in their life.

How can I support this scripturally? I’m glad that you asked. “… because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.” (Romans 5:5) Where does this love come from? The Holy Ghost. How is demonstrated? By the Holy Ghost. One brief conversation, one hug, one kiss on the forehead, one compliment can literally break a stronghold that might have been passed down from generation to generation. I’ve seen hearts eternally impacted by the Holy Ghost in the course of a two minute conversation.

Let me remind that the MINOR part of your ministry is the portion done to the masses. The MAJOR part of your ministry is the portion done to the individual.

Do me a favor. Let’s be supernatural. In doing so, take note of what happens during the next couple of weeks as you walk out this teaching and then send me a note telling me about what happened as Holy Ghost love touched a child/family. Contact me at [email protected].