If you ever wrestle with a bout of insomnia, I have a sure-fire way to end this malady. Turn on the television and find a cable network that is showing non-stop infomercials. You know what I’m talking about. Find a station that has a heaping-helping, hefty dose of promotions for Abs of Steel and Miracle Hair Revivors and the ever-popular FDA approved Flab Blaster Capsules. Soon, that thing that is causing the insomnia will cry out for mercy. To escape the absurdity of these infomercials, insomnia will gladly give way and soon the zzz’s will be flying through the night air.

Have you ever noticed that there is one common factor among all of these infomercials? While all of the hype and promotion of miraculous results are being promised, you will invariably see the words “Results Not Typical” flash across the screen for 3 or 4 seconds. According to this disclaimer, after paying four easy payments of $19.95 plus shipping and handling, you won’t necessarily look like the person that you see on the Abs of Steel infomercial whose dumpy, anemic body turned into a walking pile of muscle in six short weeks. Because of this disclaimer, you can count on the fact that after spending $39.95 plus shipping and handling on Miracle Hair Revivors that ladies someday WON’T be running their fingers through that beautiful new head of hair. I’ll leave it to your imagination what you will look like after faithfully taking the Flab Buster Capsules. The small print says it all. Results are NOT typical.

Before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2, you and I had to live in the “results not typical” world. In reading through the Old Testament and the four gospels, we won’t find too many of us “common” folks doing great things for God. But the day of Pentecost changed everything. The small print announcing “results not typical” across the lives of the Billy Bobs and Mary Janes and Joe Schmos disappeared. Now because of the One who has been called to walk alongside us, the great Equipper, the heavenly Revealer, the energized Pray-er who now abides within us, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can happen. The life of the supernatural can be the way of life rather than the exception. The “these signs shall” found in Mark 16 can happen in the life of the person living on your street in your house wearing your clothes. In other words, YOU!

Come on now. Believe that this true. Begin to talk and act as though Jesus actually knew what He was talking about as He told about would happen as you allow the Sent One to abide in and operate through you! Go ahead. Make your own infomercial about a Holy Spirit filled life. In big bold print announce RESULTS ARE TYPICAL!!!!!