Here’s a powerful thought for this week … are you making room for the supernatural working of the Holy Spirit in your ministry each week? Too often, the Holy Spirit sits waiting for an opportunity to squeeze into your schedule and rarely given the opportunity to fulfill the will of the Father.

I can’t and won’t debate that God is sovereign and can do anything that He wants, when He wants. But, in reading the scriptures, I find this to be a fact. God manifests His presence, He shows that He is in the room, when we become a part of the equation by getting involved by making room for Him.

The account of the Shunamite woman in 2 Kings 4 shows the importance of building or making room for the supernatural. You know the story. I don’t have to remind you that it was because of her care for Elisha through first feeding him and then later building a room upon her house for Elisha that prepared the place for the resurrection of her dead son.

I challenge you to read the story. Read how her actions opened the door for the supernatural. Then, look at your ministry through fresh eyes. Are you preparing for Him to show up? Have you made room in your service schedule? Have you made room in yourself? Have you made room in the heavenlies? Have you made room in your children?

There is much to share on this subject. Perhaps in future blogs I can break it down further. Or, better yet, come to our Ignite the Supernatural Conference being held in Las Colinas (Irving), Texas on September 30 – October 2 where I’ll be teaching a workshop titled “Making Room for the Supernatural”. It’s not too late to register. Check it out at