It’s difficult to believe that this is blog entry number 182. That means that for well over three years, I’ve been sharing insights on flowing with the Holy Spirit and hopefully helping to challenge and equip children’s ministry leaders to raise up a power-packed generation of children. From the last report that I read, this blog is being read in 50 nations. To God be all of the glory.

This week, allow me to share the second reason for my dependency on the Holy Spirit. I can summarize it in just a simple thought … the greater the assignment, the greater the need for the power to complete the assignment. Quite simply, the assignment given to us far exceeds our ability to fulfill the assignment. Without the supernatural power promised in Acts 1:8, the mission will never be completed.

Thank God for giftings and talents and natural abilities. But, as great as these are, they come with limitations. Thankfully I learned a long time ago that these human abilities are profitable … up to a limit. I learned that in some things, charisma and personality are great for certain situations. But, when it comes to dealing with principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places, I need something far greater than a winning smile and vivacious, bubbly charm. When I stand in front of a child or an auditorium of children who have been detached from the things of the Spirit and perhaps suffered supernatural onslaughts from the enemy during the past week, I need a power (Acts 1:8 “power” from the Greek word “dunamis” from which we derive our English word “dynamite”) to rise up within me that demolishes and annihilates the power of the wicked one.

Each week, I must remind myself of the magnitude of my assignment. This alone is enough to cause me to drop to my knees and cry out for the Spirit of God to rise up within me. In fact, like last week, you might want to take a minute to join me and begin to announce along with me that “I am dependent on you, Holy Spirit. I need you to give me the power needed to fulfill the plan of God for my life.”

Remember … the greater the assignment, the greater the need for the power to complete the assignment. Let’s be helplessly dependent upon His power!