At our 2010 national Ignite the Supernatural Conference I needed to rent a vehicle. I find that renting a vehicle is both good and bad. One of the great things about renting a vehicle is that it is a new vehicle with all of the new features and accessories. The bad thing about renting a vehicle is that it is a new vehicle with all of the new features and accessories and after a few days I will have to leave the vehicle behind and return back to my ancient Ford Explorer. Can you relate to this disheartening feeling?

During the conference, I found that one of the features that I really, really loved in the rental vehicle was the screen on the dashboard that enabled me to see what was behind me when I was backing up the vehicle. I loved it so much that it will be on the have-to-have list of features on my next vehicle. In my estimation, having the ability to eliminate one of the major blind spots in driving isn’t an optional add-on, it’s a must have!

Blind-SpotsLong ago, I realized that life is filled with blind spots. Try as I may, I just can’t see things from every angle. And, I have learned that what I can’t see can hurt me or cause me to hurt others. On other occasions, blind spots can cause me to miss out on opportunities. Thankfully, there is One sent who enables me to see what normally would be unseen. According to John 16:13, the Holy Spirit is assigned to see and announce what we can’t see with our physical eyes or sense with our intuition.

In this fourth installment of the Dependent on the Holy Spirit blog series, I’ll unashamedly announce again that I am dependent on the Holy Spirit. There are no if, ands, or buts about it. I am helplessly dependent on the Holy Spirit. There have been numerous occasions when His promptings have diverted me from impending danger. At other times, His gentle push has caused me to venture into an area that was totally beyond my comfort level and say words to a total stranger that brought them freedom and encouragement.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit. Join me right now and acknowledge the fact that you will depend more and more on His guidance and insight. Acknowledge that He sees things that you can’t see. Join me in quoting B.B. Hankins, the pastor of my home church in West Columbia, Texas, “I wouldn’t cross the street without the Holy Spirit.” With this dependency,  your life will never ever be the same again!