After the Holy Spirit spoke to me about this being the year for our children to know their God and be bold and do exploits, our children’s ministry team began to prepare the children for stepping into this arena of boldness and power. To get from where we are now to the realization of our final destination, Daniel 11:32, we knew that we had to prepare the way through teaching.

One of the greatest mysteries to me is to hear children’s ministry leaders talk about wanting to see their children flow with the Holy Ghost and when asked about what they are teaching their children to hear them give an answer like the Beatitudes. I know that there is a time and season for teaching on the Beatitudes. But, if you want to see the Holy Ghost show up, then teach on the Holy Ghost! It is imperative that the teaching always establish a strong, scriptural foundation for the manifestation or results that you desire.

So, we immediately began to focus our teaching on dissecting our theme verse, Daniel 11:32, breaking it down using what I call the McDonald’s Happy Meal Principle. Almost everyone in the world who has children has been to McDonald’s. We all know that McDonald’s has made billions and billions of dollars because they understand children. McDonald’s has learned to take the same food that they serve the adults and make the meal age-appropriate by taking the adult meal (Quarter Pounder, large fries, and large drink) and serving smaller child-size portions in the Happy Meal (small hamburger, fries, and drink). The McDonald’s Happy Meal Principle takes the very same truth that I would share with adults and changes the serving size into digestible segments. It is the same truth, but in smaller portions.

To share the entire teaching overview in one blog entry would be far too lengthy. In the next few blog entries, I will show how we have made Daniel 11:32 into age-appropriate, bite-size meals for our children to meditate upon and set the course of their destinies.