Just in case you are new to the blog, let me share a revelation that is so important and timely. Here it is … TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost wants to reveal Himself to each and every one of us TODAY. The Holy Ghost wants to reveal Himself through each and every one of us TODAY. And, this includes our children!

I shared in last week’s blog about the importance of laying a foundation for the manifest presence and power of God by teaching. Using the McDonald’s Happy Meal Principle shared in the last blog, each week, we are imparting age-appropriate servings (segments) of our key verse, Daniel 11:32. Week by week, the foundation is getting deeper and stronger as supernatural revelation is shared.

Before I share this week’s thought, take a minute or two and meditate on our key verse:

“… the people who know their God shall prove themselves
strong and shall stand firm and do exploits [for God].”
Daniel 11:32 (Amplified Translation)

In this week’s blog, let me give a very brief overview of our first three lessons which establishes the reason for this teaching series. In these lessons, we want the children to know that God wants to use children for Kingdom business!

Week #1 Who Have You Been Listening To? (It’s Time To End The Lies!)

Since the Garden of Eden, Satan has specialized in lying and deceiving. (Genesis 3:4). One of his biggest lies is to convince boys and girls that they are too young to do great things for God. Jeremiah 1:6 shows how children have listened to Satan and bought into his lie. What was God’s answer to Jeremiah’s misunderstanding? Jeremiah 1:7, “Do not say, I am only a child.” (NIV)

Week #2 Can’t You See God’s Fingerprints? (Form-Fitted, Specially Crafted By God)

One of the greatest revelations that a child can have is that before they were ever born, God was forming (Greek word yatsar – molding, sculpting, squeezing into shape) them in their mother’s womb so that they could do great things for Him. It is interesting that in the creation story, the word formed is only applied to Adam and Eve. Everything else is created. Man was formed. Referring again to Jeremiah, God said, “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you.” (Jeremiah 1:5, NIV). Using Play Dough to illustrate this revelation, the children could see their importance as we taught that even before their birth, God placed His hands into their mother’s womb so that He could form-fit and specially craft them to give them everything needed to do exploits and great things for the Kingdom.

Week #3 How’s Your Eyesight? (Even Satan Can See God’s Reason for You Being on this Earth!)

Psalms 139:14 shows us that God took great care in the sculpting and molding of each and every child. Even Satan can see this. This is seen in Satan’s continual attempts to keep babies from being born. He can see that within every child lies the potential to do great harm to his kingdom. A great illustration is found in the birth of a little boy, Moses, who in his mother’s womb had been shaped and specially crafted by God to become a great leader of God’s people. What did Satan do? He had Pharaoh to attempt to kill every newborn male child so that there would be no deliverer named Moses. Children need to begin to see what God and even Satan can see. Each and every child has the God-given potential to ” … prove themselves strong and stand firm and do exploits [for God].”

I’ll pick up with the next segment of this series in next week’s blog.