Presently, I am reading a book written many yeaars ago by A.A. Allen entitled “The Price of God’s Miracle Working Power.” Without question, A.A. Allen witnessed in his tent services some of the most powerful miracles in the last century. Through watching many of Allen’s services by means of DVD, I saw many undeniable miracles. As the title of the book suggests, the working of these miracles didn’t just happen. There was a price to be paid.

This brings us to the next lesson that we taught our children at Trinity Church International in our “Children Who Know Their God” series which is based upon Daniel 11:32.

Week #8 Here is What You Can Expect
I subtitled this lesson “He Has Given Us the Answers to the Quiz”. The foundation for this lesson is quite simple. There is a quiz or an equasion for seeing God show His power. To make this quiz easy, God has provided the answer in Daniel 11:32! If we can know what answer to expect in doing the addition equasion of two plus two or the multiplication equasion of two times two, then we can be confident in knowing that people who know their God equals boldness and accomplishing feats and exploits! Just as there should be no room for questioning the results of the addition equasion of two plus two or the multiplication equasion of two times two, there should be no room for guess work in the equasion of people knowing God equals boldness and the demonstrated power of God.

How can this be? Our scripture for the lesson establishes this fact. “Those who know the LORD trust him.” Psalms 9:10 (New Century Version) Examining the flipside of this verse would indicate that a lack of trust is due to a lack of knowing God. If we really know Him, this relationship will produce the boldness and the ability to act in faith for working together with Him. And, in working together with Him, without question the supernatural will happen.

Come on. Let’s know God. Let’s pay the price and push other things aside so that we can establish an intimate relationship with God. Then, we can EXPECT to be bold and accomplish much for the Kingdom.